Emphasis Recordings

Since 1998, Emphasis Recordings’s goal is to consistantly bring high-quality underground dance music to the world, strictly focused on experimenting with the Chicago house and Detroit techno blueprints with the intention to update and expand these two extraordinary musical artforms.


Steven Tang > Tang / Obsolete Music Technology / Misguided / Monomer

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A Hong Kong native living in Chicago since '81 whose humble beginnings in electronic music grew exponentially with the discovery of house music a music going through its own infancy at the time. Spending many weekends recording mixes off the airwaves, shopping for the latest cuts of the day at stores such as Imports Etc. and Loop Records. As his record collection expanded so did his interest in djing, owning his first pair of decks in '88 to learn the 'craft'. In the 90's Tang studied Radio Broadcasting at Chicago's Columbia College and sporadically dj'ed at local events, clubs and house parties while working on his next goal to set up a personal recording studio to create his own productions. '98 saw the establishment of Emphasis Recordings with his debut release, "Windy City EP". It garnered the attention of Ewan Jensen (Red Ember Records/Moods & Grooves) and a year later, contributed "Visions Far Away" for Red Ember's "Deepsounds Vol. 1" compilation. Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend 2002, Tang performed at DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) and was one of the featured artists on the Unofficial DEMF "Generator: Detroit" CD compilation. Finally in 2006 with new distribution, marked the full return of output as Obsolete Music Technology on Emphasis Recs and has since also dropped gold for labels like Aesthetic Audio, Machining Dreams, Generator, Eargasmic Recordings and Synchophone -- France.


Parrish Adams > Intrinsic

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A fellow Chicagoan and electronic music producer, whose own personal history in electronic music began with the inspiring sounds of early '80s synth groups, italo, disco, Chicago house, industrial, and Detroit Techno. But all of this might not have happened had he never met Damon Peterson, a techno/house producer from Kalamazoo, MI. Peterson introduced him to synthesizers and sequencing tools which filled that empty void his earlier works were missing. Moving forward, now armed with more knowledge and technical skills, he has since began creating his own vision of futuristic dance soundscapes and has recently joined Emphasis as one of its contributing artists.


Piero Russo > E.S.O.M.

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Newest member inducted to the Emphasis Recording roster, hails from Milano, Italy. His passionate aptitude for music found its roots at a young age. During the mid 80's he started out DJing at local radio stations, at which his selections were gearing towards a mix among funk music classics, soul and the new synth sound realised by Kraftwerk. After arrival of Chicago and Detroit house phenomenon, in 1987 Piero works at various italian clubs and parties. By early 1990, Piero began production of his own works for short film sound tracks at third party recording studios around town and finally following his own musical evolution by setting up his own recording studio and created his current project and alias, "E.S.O.M." (Electronic Sound Of Milano).


Charlton Ravenberg > Charlton / Tapirus

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Hailing from Rotterdam (Netherlands) Dutch artist, Tapirus a.k.a Charlton Ravenberg is no stranger to the dance music scene. At the age of 17 enthusiastically on the trail of the early rave parties, which were popping up all over Holland, his love for electronic music became an obsession and started DJing around 1999. It was during this time that Charlton first encountered techno. He later ventured into music production, constructing his unique sound in 2001. Encouraged by the Electronic Music Production classes he took at one of Holland's best known music production colleges, he started developing material for his first live PA, which debuted in 2004. Charlton's inventive style of producing tracks at the time, combined the classic, quintessential techno sound with his own dark off-beat rhythms. Adding nasty razor-sharp and hypnotizing acid basslines to the mix, assembled a truly unique 'Charlton' signature sound, having a great impact on the Dutch techno scene. He was soon performing all over with gigs and residencies across Holland and has since then played at various cutting-edge parties such as Awakenings, Heroes of Techno, Qbase, Detatched, etc. Relocating to London gave Charlton fresh experiences and a new perspective. As a result, Charlton's music started to transform. Breaking with his traditional dark rhythms endowed him with an opportunity to birth his new style, and further understanding the essence of techno music. Charlton's tracks have been released on labels such as, Audio Assault, Arms, Labrynth, Aftertaste and Pohjola. His first ever EP "Slowdown Basterd" received top mention upon release August 2010 on M_Rec. Moreover, ''Black Slong'' has been featured on Norman Nodge's Berghain 06 compilation. Having recorded 2 singles for Midnight Shift and Mord Records as Charlton, he reemerged with a 12" single on U.S. imprint, Emphasis!


Sean Hernandez > Chicago Skyway

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With roots out of the 80's Chicago House Music scene and self-taught on complex analogue machines, Chicago Skyway aka Sean Hernandez composes musical sketches from starkly primal beat tracks to intricate melodic grooves. His creations have appeared on Uzuri, Eargasmic, MOS and Altered Moods Recordings and his capable skills as a DJ has lead him across globe and across the country.