Steven Tang / Tang / Obsolete Music Technology / Misguided / Monomer__A Hong Kong native living in Chicago since '81 whose humble beginnings in electronic music grew exponentially with the discovery of house music a music going through its own infancy at the time. Spending many weekends recording mixes off the airwaves, shopping for the latest cuts of the day at stores such as Imports Etc. and Loop Records. As his record collection expanded so did his interest in djing, owning his first pair of decks in '88 to learn the 'craft'. In the 90's Tang studied Radio Broadcasting at Chicago's Columbia College and sporadically dj'ed at local events, clubs and house parties while working on his next goal to set up a personal recording studio to create his own productions. '98 saw the establishment of Emphasis Recordings with his debut release, "Windy City EP". It garnered the attention of Ewan Jensen (Red Ember Records/Moods & Grooves) and a year later, contributed "Visions Far Away" for Red Ember's "Deepsounds Vol. 1" compilation. Fast forward to Memorial Day Weekend 2002, Tang performed at DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) and was one of the featured artists on the Unofficial DEMF "Generator: Detroit" CD compilation. Finally in 2006 with new distribution, marked the full return of output as Obsolete Music Technology on Emphasis Recs and has since also dropped gold for labels like Aesthetic Audio, Machining Dreams, Generator, Eargasmic Recordings and Synchophone -- France.

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